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In the Field

At the Well Head

The RMS Fluid Level Monitor MaxPro-5000™ may either be a permanent or temporary installation.

The threaded ends allow for the operator to attach the unit to the well using a number of connectors such as a flange, union, nipple, etc. The installation procedure is quick and easy, it takes only about 15 minutes and should be performed by authorized personnel.

Gen 3 Installation 1

Power and Communications

The MaxPro-5000™ requires 120VAC to operate and provides a 4-20mA output. The communications cable will be provided accessible from the outside of the unit. This communication is used to connect to pump drive controllers and customers SCADA systems. The well manager then can connect to a VFD. Various brands of VFDs are available on the market.

A certified electrician must connect rigid/ flexible conduit to the bottom of the conduit body. All wiring has to meet all applicable local, state, and Federal electric codes.


Reservoir Management Services supports the manufacturers of energy generation and distribution equipment with a tested and certified solution for access to global markets. With skills and know-how, the research team of Reservoir Management Services considers the needs of the industry from the design stage to implementation and beyond, providing globally recognized certification standards for their products.

The MaxPro-5000™ is Class I Div 2 certified, Group D, T3 and the enclosure is 3R rated.          ETL logo


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