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Stan Ellis – Chief Executive Officer

Stan Ellis and the company’s business and technical leaders are focused on commercializing Reservoir Management Services patented innovations. Stan has over 30 years of experience in start-ups, acquisitions and business development. His principal focus has been in the energy sector where he has owned and operated numerous businesses including Sierra Process Systems, which was recently acquired by Clean Harbors.
Stan is an active partner in Premier Equipment Rentals, PROS Well Testing Service, Qubitekk, Ellis Energy Investments, Pyron Solar and the Bakersfield Jam. He is also an inventor holding nearly twenty patents.


David Higdon – President

David has guided numerous companies through the investment, growth, and exit process. He currently leads the business development at Reservoir Management Services where he is focused on establishing critical industry and investor relationships. Through other Ellis Energy Investment companies, David has strong connections within the Oil & Gas industry and major utilities. David also serves as the Managing Partner for the NBA Development League’s Bakersfield Jam, where he has created a unique business model that focuses on business to business relationships. David has served on the League’s Executive Committee and in 2012 was named Executive of the Year for his work with the Bakersfield Jam and the NBA Development League. David’s past involvement with other Ellis Energy Investments include business development for Pyron Solar (makers of the world’s only floating CPV system), Qubitekk (a new quantum optic-based cybersecurity solution that guarantees tamper-free communications between electric grid automation equipment), and is a partner in Creative Method Technologies (which develops unique products for oil well management). His past business management and market development experience is being utilized at Reservoir Management Services to establish the critical partnerships needed to bring this technology to market.

Contact at: dhigdon@reservoirms.com


David R. Hill – Founder of Fluid Level Monitoring Technology

As founder of Reservoir Management Services’ Fluid Level Monitoring Technology, David R. Hill brings 27 years of oil and gas experience with a focus in the production discipline to the team. David is a partner in Reservoir Management Services and holds several patents on production related equipment primarily with an emphasis on fluid level measurement. He has spent decades on researching the benefits of identifying and maintaining fluid levels in oil and gas wells which eventually lead to today’s solution: Reservoir Management Services’ Fluid Level Monitor not only measures fluid level in real time but is also able to hold a desired fluid level. Mr. Hill graduated from LeTourneau University, Longview Texas holding a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering.


Dr. Duncan Earl – Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Earl has over 20 years of experience developing optical technologies for both private businesses and government organizations. As a former staff member at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), Dr. Earl was a researcher with ORNL’s Cyber Warfare group and Quantum Information Sciences team. During his 18 years with ORNL, Dr. Earl’s research focused on quantum encryption solutions and the integration of this technology with the emerging smart grid. He holds numerous patents and research publications and is the inventor of Qubitekk’s principle IP.
Dr. Earl is also the former founder and CEO of Sunlight Direct, Inc., an ORNL spin-off that commercialized a passive, fiber optic solution for delivering sunlight to the interior of commercial buildings to reduce energy consumption. Dr. Earl invented the technology, founded the company in 2004 and secured $1M in federal funding and $1.2M in private seed investment from the California based Tech Coast Angels. He oversaw the evolution of the product from a laboratory prototype to a commercial product with over 80 installation sites before returning to ORNL in 2009.


Stephanie Rosenthal – Chief Operating Officer

As COO of Reservoir Management services, Stephanie is responsible for overseeing the global manufacturing, supply chain and quality management as well as ensuring the global compliance of Reservoir Management Services products to all required industry standards.
Stephanie also signs responsible for overseeing the development plan for Qubitekk’s initial Gen I products and runs the day-to-day operations of Pyron Solar. Stephanie has over 15 years of manufacturing experience including manufacturing of UV/Electronic systems with focus on efficient automotive manufacturing solutions. Prior to Pyron Solar, Stephanie led the development of efficient, high quality and low cost production methods of premium commercial UV-radiation systems. She participated in a two year executive leadership program sponsored by Volkswagen. Stephanie holds a BA degree in Economics from the University of Aachen, Germany, a BBA from the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce and a BA from the Professional College of Business Administration, Aachen, Germany.


Jerry Higdon – Chief Financial Officer

Jerry Higdon serves as CFO of Reservoir Management services, Ellis Energy Investments, Qubitekk, Pyron Solar, Bakersfield Jam Education Foundation and The Bakersfield Jam.
Jerry has diversified financial experience within the private sector. Prior to his current responsibilities, Jerry served as financial advisor for 16 years at Ameriprise Financial, the successor to American Express. Jerry has managed the finances of many businesses during periods of rapid growth, oversees how business decisions impact profitability and cash flow, and helps develop and implement plans for profitable growth. He has directed expansions and contractions of personnel, information systems, physical locations and working capital.


Brandon Martinez – Manager of Field Operations

Brandon Martinez joined the Reservoir Management Services team in 2012. Martinez began as an environmental advisor to Sierra Process Systems and now supports the Reservoir Management Services team. Brandon also serves for Reservoir Management Services’ parent company Ellis Energy Investments. Throughout the past two years he has overseen various projects for Reservoir Management Services and Ellis Energy ranging from sales to marketing to administrative. Brandon attended California State University Bakersfield and graduated with a degree in Business Administration.


R&D and Engineering:

  • Daniel Parsons
  • Dennis Boster
  • Elizabeth Ederer

Field Support/Customer Service:

  • Brandon Martinez
  • Bobby Schultz

Office Management:

  • Desiree Watson

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